Courage in the Face of Fear

Fear is useful. It keeps us safe. We don’t want to be fearless, we want to be brave. Being brave is knowing it’s hard and uncomfortable; it’s being afraid and doing it anyway. Draw on the strength and power of courage in the face of fear.

Key takeaways
* recognize when fear is helpful and when it is holding us back
* take steps to be afraid and do it anyway

Kaitlyn Bio
Kaitlyn Daniel, M.S., is a consultant that spent over six years enhancing the performance of individuals, teams, leaders and units for the United States Army.

Kaitlyn has a masters degree in Performance Psychology from Miami University in Ohio. She also holds certifications including Certified Mental Performance Coach (#450), and US Army Master Resilience Trainer.

Kaitlyn’s philosophy includes two core values: Sustainable Excellence and Leave it Better.
• Sustainable Excellence: filling her own tank so she can keep helping others while teaching in a way that creates the environment or situation for individuals to experience a concept to ensure sustainability of the learning.
• Leave it Better: whether picking trash up when you see it or providing a lesson that improves someone’s life, Kaitlyn is always striving to leave a person or place better than she found it.

Kaitlyn is ravenously curious and enjoys learning how different fields of study can be connected to enhance and individual or team. Her favorite areas of study include sport psychology, positive psychology/resilience, organizational development, burnout, leader development, mindfulness and holistic wellness.