Frustrated…angry…tired…these are the words used to describe how we are feeling during this time of pandemic and civil unrest. We know that a better future is not a guarantee, and wonder what our role is in helping secure success for our companies and ourselves personally. In this presentation, Daniel Frederick from Coffee Oasis offers practical advice on how to become a healthier person that can look with hope at the future.

Daniel Frederick is the executive director of The Coffee Oasis. In 1997 Daniel’s family started The Coffee Oasis with a passion to care for kids on the streets of Bremerton. 23 years later The Coffee Oasis is still providing hope, housing, and resources to homeless young people throughout Kitsap and Pierce County. Daniel’s early years were spent doing odd jobs at The Coffee Oasis and now after achieving a bachelor’s degree at Washington State University and a master’s degree from Seattle Pacific University, he works alongside the amazing and compassionate staff of The Coffee Oasis to make sure the homeless youth have every opportunity to achieve their goals.