As business owners and community leaders, we can make a difference in racism that continues in everyday experiences—the hurt, the pain, the injustices, and the microaggressions. In our digital world, information moves rapidly. We all have a voice. How can we join in the conversation and make a difference? In this Uplift Kitsap, Valarie Harris will share her social media expertise and ideas.


1) How to talk about racism through your business’s social media platforms
2) How your business can get involved on social media in the quest for change
3) How your business can be a social media community activist

‘Valarie Harris is the Founder and President of Varris Marketing and the Soul Intensified Entrepreneur.  Valarie is a Certified Business, Branding and Marketing Coach.  Val has been in her business since 2012, and before that enjoyed a successful Corporate Retail Management Career for 28yrs.  Valarie’s passion is Empowering and creating a Purposeful and Soul driven plan of action, to help businesses Worldwide build their Brand’s Story.  Val does this through a variety of coaching techniques with the aid of online digital marketing.  


Outside of work Valarie has been married to her retired sailor for 26yrs and together they have 3 kids and 1 grandson.  Val loves living in the State of WA, yes, even with the rain and gloom.  Fall & Winter are her favorite seasons.  Val loves 80’s music and movies and her motto in life is to “Live and Let Live” Valarie is honored to be here today and looks forward to future connections with all of you.’