A recent IBM poll of fifteen hundred CEOs identified creativity as the top “leadership competency” of the future. Creativity and innovation are the “secret sauce” for success and now more than ever are crucial to re-imagine the future and pioneer what’s next for our businesses.

But, big questions like,

How do I become more innovative?

How do I attract and empower innovative people?

How can I come up with cutting-edge ideas while managing the status-quo? 

 leave us feeling disoriented in the uncertainty of our current landscape. Using the breakthrough behavior of visionary entrepreneurs like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos we will consider how 4 Keystone Habits: Questioning, Observing, Experimenting, and Collaborating can drastically reframe how we think, operate, and boost our bottom line. 

This is targeted to help any leader looking to:

  • Sharpen their company’s competitive edge. 
  • Develop the skills to turn ideas into impact.
  • Strengthen their team’s innovative dexterity. 
  • Attract and empower top innovative talent. 
  • Managers charged with leading teams to creative brilliance. 

Positing himself as a Surf Instructor for the Creative Waves, Bryan Lindgren teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday innovation. He is an author, speaker, and Creative Lead at newlife, helping people uncover and fully unleash their own creativity and innovation. He is husband to his wife Kayla and father to their daughter Kennedy. Bryan has no pets.