“If you don’t know where you are going…how do you know if you got there?”…Yogi Berra

In the current world of business, most owners and managers are wearing multiple “HAT’s”, barely keeping their heads above water…they’re so busy and caught up on the “DOING” that they lose focus on their “Mission” (the BE) and what their desired “Vision” (the HAVE) was in the first place.

Participants will learn more about:

  1. Their personal or business’s PURPOSE (BE)
  2. How the PURPOSE is the catalyst to determining the VISION (HAVE) and its key metrics
  3. Tying the PURPOSE and VISION together with the BRAND PROMISE (DO)
  4. How all this principle can add to greater efficiency, productivity and higher employee morale

ROGER SARGENT owns Affluence Business Solutions, a consultant practice specializing in all phases of Business Consulting – in depth, hands-on services to rev up the bottom line of independent business owners. 

With over 35 years in the Small to Medium Business Community, the past 15 years as a partner in the Hotel, Health Club and Restaurant industries, Roger examines the seven key tenets of each business client: Executive, Finance, Staffing, Sales & Marketing, Service Delivery, Quality Assurance and Public Relations.

“I bring real-life solutions, ideas, and a (few!) stories that will help client’s unique work environment. I don’t want to give unrealistic advice that drives more stress or has them spend more money than they need to.” – Roger