Social Media is a world all its own. Marketing your business on social media is easy to do if you understand how to use the various platforms to your advantage. Social media specialist Valarie Harris will help you get a leg up on your 2021 marketing efforts by increasing your knowledge of paid and organic reach on popular platforms.


By the numbers: social media platform significance and stats
Pros and Cons: The differences between paid and organic reach on social media
How to maximize your time, efforts, and money using paid reach
Learn a variety of techniques to increase your organic reach

Valarie Harris is the founder and president of Varris Marketing and the Soul Intensified Entrepreneur. Valarie is a certified business, branding, and marketing coach who specializes in social media marketing. Her passion is creating purposeful and soul-driven plans of action to help businesses build their brand stories. Before starting Varris in 2012, Valarie enjoyed a 28-year career in corporate retail management.