Have you ever found it challenging to communicate with different generations? Do you work with colleagues or have clients from different generations? Do you have multiple generations living under the same roof? For the first time in history there are five generations working, living, or volunteering side by side. This creates challenges that can stop you in your tracks, and opportunities that will take you through barriers to unmatched levels of success. Karen McNamara, Baby Boomer, will help you understand the why behind generational differences and will share strategies for communication with each.

Karen McNamara from Click-consultants is a motivational, inspiring and captivating presenter and leader who brings Military, Nursing and Educational Leadership experience to her engagements. Presenting on stage in conferences, organizations, academic and nonprofit settings both stateside and overseas, she is sought after as a communications and generations expert, for diversity inclusion, and the power of learning through story. Whether coaching one to one, speaking virtually or on stage, her strategies have immediate application, make ideas and goals click, and customers succeed. She will have you laughing, learning and communicating for success.


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