Organizational performance doesn’t start with your teammates; it begins with you!
Leadership is personal. It’s an inside-out process that flows from individuals, ripples through teams, and cascades throughout the organization to become part of the culture.

After coaching leaders and teams for over 18 years to transform company culture, Shannon Bruce, Professional Certified Coach, reveals common themes and recurring patterns that not only hinder organizational results but also negatively impact the well-being of employees from the C-Suite to the frontline. Regardless of company size or industry, consistent unhealthy habits and negative behaviors minimize the impact of leadership and marginalize business results.

On a mission to end suffering in the workplace, along with a deep desire to “go into companies to create communities,” Shannon has integrated her years of insight to thoroughly engage you with a thought-provoking message that you won’t want to miss. She will share perspectives and practical information that will challenge, empower, and activate you as a leader. You’ll take away 7 key strategies that will help you optimize your personal leadership and well-being to maximize organizational health and performance.

Meet Your Presenter
Shannon Bruce, CPCC, PCC is a passionate Professional Certified Coach whose work inspires transformational change in her clients and their companies. With more than two decades of experience in management and executive leadership, Shannon is a powerful listener, able to challenge the status quo.

Her coaching and facilitation clients rave about her ability to motivate them to always drive toward excellence. As CEO of StoryBridge, Inc. she acts as a catalyst for Conscious Culture Change, creating communities within organizations and building cohesive, high performing teams. Clients say she has helped them achieve accelerated trust, improved relationships, as well as bottom-line business results.

Shannon’s resume reveals a richness of experience that helps her quickly engage in any industry. She was a CPA with Ernst & Young, an executive with two wholesale distribution companies, and an entrepreneur who has launched multiple business start-ups. Her client list includes: healthcare, construction, banking, architecture, libraries, escrow and title insurance, and city ports—corporate, nonprofits, and government. She is currently serving Executive Leaders at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility through CACI, Inc.