Over 78 percent of business owners are expecting the sale of their business to be a major part of their retirement plan, but most have no idea how to go about selling (or buying) a business. As more small business owners are on the home stretch to retirement, many people want to be certain that they can transition the business to new leadership that will respect the integrity of their business. How can you both make sure your clients are taken care of and you still get top dollar for all of your years of sweat equity and hard work? What happens if some of your children want to run the business, and some don’t? AND as a buyer of a business, how do you make yourself attractive to the seller?

Program Highlights
Real life stories of successful (and some not so successful) business transition plans
Ways to plan, in advance, for a smooth transition as you sell your business
Ways to make sure you have security from the new buyer after you sell your business
Cost effective solutions you can use to prepare for giving your business to family members (while treating the non-interested family members fairly)
What makes a buyer attractive to a seller

Matt Augspurger is a wealth advisor and speaker. As a fiduciary, he focuses on holistic wealth management and retirement planning. He has been seen in various local publications and events, such as Seattle Magazine, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal, Uplift Kitsap, and Compass & Clock Magazine. Matthew comes from a family of educators and his passion for teaching shines through. He is a dynamic speaker focusing on memorable ideas, understandable explanations, and the message of clarity that provides clients with sound, unbiased, and independent financial solutions.