In this Uplift Kitsap, we’ll look at limiting beliefs and how they affect your success. Transformational mindset coach Bonnie McVee walks us through one of the biggest mindset issues among entrepreneurs and business owners, something she calls “the tired old path.” McVee connects the hamster wheel of life we often get caught up in to the science behind why we get stuck.

The difference between Default and Essence energies and how to shift
The science behind how doing “the work” impacts your overall success
How to identify yourself on the tired old path and action steps for how to get onto a new path

Meet Your Presenter
Bonnie McVee is a transformational mindset coach. Hairdresser turned life coach by way of recovery and cancer survival. An expert on life’s transitions, she now guides her clients facing a life transition to free them from their unseen default energies into their essence energy becoming aware of the patterns that no longer work for them so that they can get unstuck and not repeat the past. Bonnie uses her unique gifts of intuition and pattern recognition for faster results.