Homelessness is a complex problem. What role does business play in the homelessness crisis? Hear from our panel about homelessness issues in Kitsap County. Explore ways local businesses can help alleviate the homeless crisis in our community.

This panel will launch a 12 Month Program through the Kitsap Business Forum to work with Olive Crest, Coffee Oasis and Kitsap Community Resources to create a path to employment for our foster care young adults and working poor.

Stacy B. Doré, Director of Development, Kitsap Community Resources

Josh Hinman, Executive Paster, Newlife Church-Silverdale

12 Month Challenge:

Challenge #1

Dec 2021: Share this information!

Challenge #2

Jan 2022: Let Kitsap Business Forum Task Force know if you are interested in participating in the internship program with young adults in our program. Contact: kristal.thomas@expresspros.com with Subject: KBF Internship Participant.

Challenge #3

Feb 2022: Task Force has created our Vision, Mission and Why. 

Challenge #4

Mar 2022: Form created to easily apply to be part of the internship program:  https://app.wufoo.com/forms/164/share